LED signal light indicator light indicator light signal lamp 12V 24V 220V Ø8mm

VAT included.

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- Product type: LED indicator light signal light indicator light

- Material: chrome-plated brass 

- Operating voltage: DC 12V / DV 24V / AC 220V according to your selection

- The DC 12V and DC 24V versions can be connected without a series resistor without any problems. The AC 220V version is not designed for direct connection to a standard household 230V socket without a series resistor in the form of a capacitor or transformer. This reduces the voltage and avoids an overvoltage that causes the LED to burn out or cause other damage.

- These lights were developed for use as brake lights, speedometers, tachometers, gauges, engine gauges, high beam indicators, gear lever lights and dashboard lights, among other things 

- Colors LED: Blue / Green / Red / White / Yellow 

- Contacts: 2 pins

- Installation diameter: Ø8mm 

- Installation depth: 31mm 

- Front panel diameter: Ø9.5mm

- Diameter LED: Ø5mm

- Connection: Solder lugs 

- Washer and nut included

- Optional connection set: 2x cables with 2.8mm crimp connectors isolated


Scope of delivery:

- 1x LED signal light in selected quantity and voltage or connection set individually (please select from the selection)