Kippschalter Wippschalter Switch 3 Pin 250V / 20A LED ON/OFF 27x10mm SPST IP65

VAT included.

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- Product type: toggle switch / rocker switch 

- Contact form: SPST switch (single pole, single throw)

- Number of positions: 2 (ON/OFF) or 3 (ON/OFF/ON) depending on the selection

- Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black

- Two models to choose from: Model 1 with IP65 cover pre-assembled / Model 2 without cover or depending on selection with removable IP65 cover (see pictures)

- Black model available in two versions: 2 (ON/OFF) or 3 (ON/OFF/ON) / both models without LED (these, unlike the models with LED, can also be operated with 12V and 24V

- Max. voltage / current Models in colored with LED: AC 250V / 10A | AC 125V/20A 

- Material: plastic (PA) 

- External dimensions (L/W/H): approx. 31x14x35 mm

- Mounting Size: 27x10x30mm

- Installation depth including contacts: approx. 30mm

- Contacts / Pins: 2 or 3 pin (depending on selection

- Connection type: flat connector 

- Flat connector: 6.3mm

- Optional connection set: 3x cable with 6.3mm insulated crimp connector

- Choose IP65 silicone cover individually or in a set with switch


Scope of delivery:

- 1x toggle switch in selected model or silicone cover IP65 individually or connection set individually