Push button NC NO SPDT 12V - 250V / 5A 3 PIN Ø6mm OFF-ON / ON-OFF

VAT included.

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- Actuator type: push button normally open / normally closed (C-NO-NC) 

- Material: plastic / stainless steel

- Kontaktkonfiguration 3 Pin Version: SPDT Momentary Single-Pole/Double-Throw Taster 

- Kontaktkonfiguration 6 Pin Version: DPDT Momentary Double-Pole/Double-Throw Taster

- Switch action: Momentary / NON-latching (switch returns to original position after actuation)

- By operating the switch, the circuit is closed or opened (depending on the connection). In the non-actuated state, the circuit is open or closed (depending on the connection). Two consumers can also be connected, whereby consumer 1 remains switched on while consumer 2 remains switched off and after actuation consumer 1 is switched off and consumer 1 is switched on

- max. voltage / current: 250V / 2A | 125V / 5A (can also be operated with 6V, 12V and 24V)

- Button Colors: Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow

- Contacts: 3 pin or 6 pin (depending on the model) 

- IP rating: IP45

- Installation diameter: 6mm 

- Flat connector: cable lugs or soldering

- Washers and nuts included


Scope of delivery:

- Push button in selected color and version including nuts and washers (depending on selection)